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Contrary to popular belief, most leaders are not "born" that way. Leadership is a learned set of behaviors that empowers people to get results from those working for them and around them. This class focuses on the fundamental principles of leadership, and will teach your managers to:

• Recruit and Hire the right people
• Motivate employees
• Deal effectively with problem employees and customers
• Effectively manage time and schedules
• Successfully coach employees
• Manage crises
• Influence those around them

This is a 4 hour interactive program that includes role playing

Delivering Superior Customer Satisfaction

In a retail environment, perhaps no other skill is more important than the ability to deliver superior customer satisfaction. Since competition is at an all-time high, one of the only effective ways to separate your business from the competition is through excellent customer service. We focus on the things that matter to customers most, and teach your employees how satisfy each and every customer. Topics include:

• Customer Service vs. Customer Satisfaction
• What motivates the customer?
• Meeting and exceeding all customer expectations
• Importance of communication, verbal and non-verbal
• Attitudes: Why Care?
• Handling problem customers
• Customer satisfaction = more profitability
• Making an immediate impact

This is a 4 hour interactive program that includes a lot of role playing

Cashier Excellence

This class is an excellent introduction to employee responsibility and employment expectations. Some of the topics that we address include:

• General responsibilities in the workplace
• Safety in the workplace
• Importance of teamwork
• Upholding a professional image
• Basic interpersonal communication skills
• Fundamentals of good customer service

Additionally, for store managers we discuss the proper implementation of issuing write-ups, counseling, and administering discipline up to and including termination.

This is a 3 hour program and includes role playing

Image Improvement

If your image is sub-standard, so is your profitability. This class is designed specifically for independent business owners (retailers, entrepreneurs, dealers, franchisees, etc) who are interested in improving their brand's image. We teach them the things that encompass the overall image, and how these things affect their bottom line. Some of the topics include:

• Merchandising (indoor and outdoor)
• Proper use of signage and lighting
• Store layout
• Marketing
• Choosing the right vendor relationships
• Employee development
• Community relations

Mystery Shopping and How to Improve Scores

RitterAssociates has been a nationwide mystery shop provider for retailers since 1980. Mystery shopping programs can be a very valuable tool for those willing to use it. In this class, we discuss:

• Basic principles of mystery shopping
• How a mystery shopper views the world
• How shoppers are selected and trained
• Client-specific mystery shop program
• Detailed results of client program
• Areas of excellence and areas of concern
• Specific steps to make an immediate impact on scores


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