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Ritter & Associates Loss Prevention About FCRA

Needless to say, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements can be challenging to implement. That's why Ritter & Associates Loss Prevention makes it easier for you to be in compliance with FCRA regulations. The following is an overview of the FCRA.

FCRA Requirements
If you are using information provided by Ritter & Associates Loss Prevention for employment decisions, you must follow the FCRA requirements listed below:

1. Notify the prospect or employee that you will be conducting a screening
2. Obtain his or her written authorization to complete a screening(s)
3. Provide a Summary of Consumer Rights to the applicant

If, as a result of his/her screening, a person is not hired, demoted, given a job other than that for which he/she applied, the employer must notify the person of any "adverse actions" in writing. We will also assist you with:

• Consumer notification and authorization letters
• FCRA summary of consumer rights
• An overview of FCRA employer obligations
• Sample adverse action mailings
• An overview of how the Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 impacts the use of motor vehicle reports in consumer investigations


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